Made in France, Loved in South Africa
From the chic shores of the French Riviera, comes a sparkling wine cocktail that’s only for the bold and the fashionable. The fashionista, trend setter and wine lover’s drink of choice for the Summer season. icetropez is a premium French, lightly sparkling, wine cocktail infused with exotic white peach flavour. Experience icetropez and the joie de vivre. It’s love at first sip. Available in 275ml glass bottle and 250ml can.
icetropez contains 6.5% alcohol. icetropez 0% contains 0% alcohol.



It's summer in a bottle
SALITOS brings Latin America's zest for life to South America. Sold in more than 56 countries around the globe. SALITOS Cerveza is a premium lager beer with a summery mildness and full bodied aroma. SALITOS Tequila incorporates the taste of spicy tequila and refreshing lime. Available in a 330ml bottle.
SALITOS contains 5.9% alcohol.